Band saw MEP SHARK 282 CCS

Gravity band saw MEP SHARK 282 CCS with maximum cutting capacity Ø 250mm, 280x200mm (profile). 2 cutting speeds 36 and 72 m/min. Adjustable angle cuts from 0° to +45° and 0° to +60°. Power consumption 1.5 / 1.8 KW.

Producer MEP
Product code SHARK 282 CCS
Weight  440,000 Kg
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Product code SHARK 282 CCS
Weight 440,000 Kg

SHARK 282 CCS (Cut Control System) manual bandsawing machine to cut from 45° right up to 60° left. Other than the manual cut mode, the sawing machine can make single cuts without operator, using the head weight controlled by a hydraulic brake: after the cut, the band stops. The frame at this point is manually lifted to the position needed  in order to reposition the  bar to cut . In the version with pneumatic vice (MA) the vice is opened/closed by a manually-controlled valve (optional with pedal control).


  • Hydraulic transducer to visualize band tensioning.
  • Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
  • Double head return spring.
  • Sliding vice with sideways movement and fast-positioning system.
  • Wide working surface with rotating table installed on a roller bearing, dia. 265 mm, pre-loaded with thrust bearing.
  • Adjustable precision stops for cuts at 0°, 45°, 60° left and 45° right.
  • Steel base with removable coolant tray.
  • Electric pump for band lubrication and cooling.
  • Machine arranged for handling with movement equipment.
  • Adjustable rod to measure stop to make cuts of the same length with millimetred steel rod.
  • Stock support arm with roller predisposed to mount loading table.
  • Bi-metal band for solids and sections.
  • Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.
  • The CUT CONTROL SYSTEM (CCS) can be retrofitted on machines out in the field.




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