Our Services

We provide these services

Welding band saw blades

We weld band saw blades in our own high-capacity welding centre, equipped with the most modern welding machines from Ideal.

Service of band saws

We service band saws FMB, FEMI, DANOBAT, MEP, COSEN, BOMAR

Repairs of band saw blades

We repair-weld band saw in widths from 6mm to 80mm.

Service of circular saws

We service circular saws FEMI, MEP, BOMAR.

Grinding of band saw blades for food

Legnex wood band saw blades we grind on industrial grinders with CBN blades with precise tooth profile.

Suply of spare parts

We provide supplies of spare parts for band and circular saws. Parts for FMB, FEMI and MEP we have in the stock.


We do setting of band saw blades on computer controlled machines.

Technical consultancy

Our experts will be able to advise you on material cutting issues, especially with the right choice of band saw blade.

and much more...

Term and conditions

As one of the leading band saw blade suppliers, we are able to offer the best business conditions on the market. Contact us.

Immediate delivery

Thanks to our own high-capacity welding centre, we are able to quickly weld your orders and deliver goods immediately.

Claim of reclamation

We guarantee 100% quality of welding. In the event of a breaking of the band saw blade, we will always repair it for free.


We provide very best conditions of transport.

fmb-servis2Picture. 1 – service of bands saw FMB

servis3Picture. 2 – service of band saw FEMI

Our main strengths

We are a leading supplier of band saw blades and band saws in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 27 years, we have built the state-of-the-art saw blade welding center. In our stock we have 100,000m EBERLE band saw blades. Almost any strips of different grades from the width of 6 to 80mm are able to dispatch within 24h.

We always give our customers individual care and the best service. For our customer we always try to be reliable and long-term partner.