LEGNEX has been the exclusive (exclusive) supplier of EBERLE saw blades (Germany) since 2000 for the Czech Republic. The German EBERLE saw blades are a premium product with exceptional durability.
We are one of the largest saw blade suppliers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

The saw bands are welded in our own high-capacity welding centre, one of the largest in the Czech Republic.
The welding centre is equipped with high-tech welding machines from IDEAL (Germany).
In our own warehouse we have in stock more than 100,000 meters of EBERLE band saw blades, which represents approximately 35,000 saw blades for immediate delivery.
The band saw bands are welded to your desired size and dispatched within 24 hours of receipt of the order.
We guarantee top quality of the weld

EBERLE (Augsburg, GERMANY) was founded in 1836 as a belt mill and sawmill manufacturer. In the company’s production program, besides the saw blades, there is also a series of special cold rolled strips and a high precision of bands strength, even at a tolerance of 0.001 mm. The advantage of EBERLE in the production of saw bands is its own saw blade roller, which significantly influences the quality of the product from the very beginning. The dynamic development of new materials, the constant upgrading of production technologies and the utmost emphasis on product control and reliability make EBERLE one of the most progressive and top quality band saw blades manufacturers in the world.

Made in Germany
Eberle has been producing its products since 1836 exclusively in Germany with an emphasis on maximum quality and precision. As one of the few manufacturers, Eberle manufactures its own bi-metal and can control all saw blade operations from the very beginning. Eberle is the world’s leading manufacturer of saw blades of the highest quality.

Tenzomat – accuracy of cut
Do you want to achieve precise cuts and maximal saw blade life? Then, order the Eberle strain gauge (150, -EUR) to properly tighten the saw blade.

Mobile app
Eberle delivers a mobile application to ease the choice of cutting conditions. This application is available on Google Play.

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